Gift Set “Fireweed”

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40 pyramids 2.5 g each
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Put a pyramid of herbal tea in a cup, pour hot water and infuse for 3 – 5 minutes. Enjoy your tea drinking! Contraindications: individual intolerance to the ingredients.

There are 4 unique blends packed in pyramid bags. Each type of our fireweed tea has a rich flavor and unique aroma. Natural benefits, folk traditions and ambitious experiments – all of them are waiting for you in the gift collection of herbal teas made by ALTEYA. 

Tea Drink “Fireweed with Mint & Lemon”

The drink combines your favorite fireweed with fresh mint and tonic taste of lemon. The aromatic drink improves your mood and gives you natural energy for the whole day.

Ingredients: fermented fireweed, lemon balm herb, peppermint herb, lemon grass, dried lemon peel.

Tea Drink “Fireweed with Apple & Cinnamon “Russian Mulled Wine”

Inimitable combination of hibiscus flowers with cinnamon, apple and real fireweed. Give warmth, care and inexpressible pleasure from tea drinking to yourself and your loved ones even in the coldest weather.

Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, fermented fireweed, dried apple, dried cloves, dried blackberries, cinnamon.

Tea Drink “Fireweed with Sea Buckthorn”

The Russian fireweed with real Altai sea buckthorn berries will give you a bright, rich flavor combined with healthful benefits of natural vitamins and microelements.

Ingredients: fermented fireweed, lemon balm herb, dried sea buckthorn berries, thyme (creeping thyme) herb, lavender flowers.

Tea Drink “Fireweed with Ginger & Rosehip”

The warming taste of ginger combined with rosehip and your favorite fireweed will cheer up and give a good mood, while a large number of natural ingredients will boost the immunity in the season of colds.

Ingredients: fermented fireweed, rose hips, peppermint herb, dried lemon peel, crushed dried ginger.

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